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We have a history of placing all the deserving students through our placement cell in reputed star hotels and in related industries. Mahindra Group,
Taj Group,
Le meridian,
Abad Group,
CGH Earth,
Wite Fort,
Park Hotels etc are few to name.
Earn While you Learn
One of the main attractions of ACT is that we do provide an opportunity to all the students who take admission in our institute to do job along with their study. The advantage of doing this is that they will get a working experience in the same field they study, as well as they earn a reasonably good salary. They can use this salary to pay their course fees and for their personal expenses. Apart from the salary, the students can use the staff quarters where they work. So free food and accommodation is also available. In a way, one who seeks admission at ACT can do their course using their own earnings, without depending their parents for financial help.